• How to find a mentor and work with one

    How do you find a mentor? How do you make the most of their time and yours? This post is from my experiences with learning from and working with mentors over the past year.

  • Bizarre News 1

    2020 has seen some bizarre news. Here are some headlines, can you tell the real ones from satire?

  • Design for change

    How can we imagine an education system that's designed for change?

  • Alternative learning spaces

    How could alternative learning spaces look like?

  • Game of Life

    An interactive simulator of Conway's Game of Life, written in JavaScript.

  • Technagara

    On building a grievance redressal system and a city information portal for Bangalore.

  • Brown's Criterion

    Think of a number from 1 to 31. Done? I can probably guess what's on your mind..

  • WorldView

    OpenLayers is hard to use. Worldview is an easy-to-use wrapper that lets you do common tasks with maps with minimal code.

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