Conway's Game of Life: A Simulation

Click on "Start" to kickstart the simulation. You can also click on any region in the box to toggle the state of a cell in that region. Feel free to toggle the state of the cell while the simulation is running. It can lead to some interesting deviations!


This is a an open source JavaScript implementation of Conway's Game of Life. Source is available here.

The Game of Life, is a 'game' that, in a broad sense, simulates evolution. The game consists of a 'world' filled with the building blocks of life. For the sake of simplicity, let's think of them as cells, where cells are either alive or dead. The game is kickstarted using a pattern of alive cells. This initial pattern constitutes the first generation[0] of life. With each generation, this initial pattern or form of 'life' goes through various mutations, resulting in a multitude of varied patterns of 'life'. The way these patterns generated are governed by a set of rules.

[0] On evolutionary timescales, a generation can range from a thousand to a million years.